What Can a Chatbot do For Your Insurance Agency? (4+3 Surprises)

An insurance chatbot can serve your agency as a sales agent and a client support agent inside Facebook messenger (24/7/365).

How can a chatbot serve as a sales agent?

1. A chatbot will get you a ton of QUALIFIED leads:

If you give people some sort of a free consultation, or free quotes, or something like that – your chatbot will attract a lot of people to sign up for it = now you have a warm lead you can work with.

2. You can follow-up and RECOVER leads (that would’ve been LOST) for free with a chatbot!

If someone does not finish the registration for a free quote or whatever is your lead magnet, your chatbot will send them another follow-up messages to remind them to finish the process – this is a very powerful benefit because it all happens automatically via Messenger and you can recover a ton of lost leads because of this.

P.S.: You don’t have to pay a dime for these follow-ups.


3. You will know all the information about your leads before you make the first contact (and that makes selling easier).

This will help you understand their situation and goals and it’ll make the sale process a lot easier. A chatbot will ask all the questions you need to answer (e.g. Their current situation? Do they have insurance? What’s their age? Their email, phone, etc.)

Basically, a chatbot will find out everything you need to know and send you all the information before you call this lead.

4. Your chatbot will build trust much faster.

If you have some blog articles, or some advice, or videos (e.g. how to choose the best insurance, or anything else) – your chatbot will motivate people to download your free resources.

A chatbot will build trust by showing real testimonials, it will tell people about your company, or show your team, and that’s how it will increase trust between people and your insurance company.

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How can a chatbot serve as a client support agent?

1. You can automate all the questions people ask over, and over, and over.

Answer the most common questions people ask. With a chatbot they don’t have to wait for your response, they’ll get the answer immediately and because of that, they’ll choose you over the competitor who keeps them waiting.

2. Your chatbot will solve problems in a couple of seconds!

Your chatbot can provide important links e.g. if they need to report a claim, check policies, etc. People don’t have to find these important links on your website - they’ll have it right inside your chatbot and they’ll access them in two clicks.

Your chatbot will provide all the contact information, so people can easily call you from your chatbot if necessary.


3. Let a chatbot and your support people work together.

Your chatbot can have a live chat function – that means if someone wants to talk to a human being, they can request a live chat and it can be connected to one of your support agents.

Do you want to try an insurance chatbot?

Insurance chatbot we developed for an agency in Australia: https://m.me/2237750272971718

Insurance chatbot we developed for an agency in the USA: https://m.me/ciscoinsurance