6+1 Clever ways Marketing Agencies can get more clients with a chatbot.

Every company needs marketing services to survive.

Do you offer digital marketing services to businesses?

If YES, you're about to find out how to get new marketing clients with a chatbot.


1. Get more leads easily with your chatbot

A chatbot is a very clever creature.

It can easily collect any information you need from people:

  • an email
  • a website
  • a phone number
  • what they're interesting in

Your new chatbot will collect all the necessary information from your potential client. 

They don't need to go to your website and fill out a form because everything will be happening inside your chatbot.

By this way, you'll get more leads than from your website.


2. Make people buy your services by telling them WHY they should do it.

Your history.

Your skills.

Your benefits.

Your new chatbot will tell everybody WHY they should choose your marketing company instead of your competition.

Just put this information inside your chatbot and it will be selling your services 24/7.


3. Make people believe you by showing them your previous work and your testimonials from your clients.

When people will be chatting with your chatbot at the first time, they don't know you, so they don't trust you.

It's your job to make them trust you.

OR it can be your chatbot's job and you can save yourself a lot of time.

You don't have to do it yourself.

Your chatbot will do that for you. 

Your chatbot will show everybody your previous work and your testimonials in a couple of messages, so a potential client will believe you more in a couple of seconds.


4. Sell more services by letting your chatbot sell.

A chatbot is a brilliant salesman.

When somebody starts chatting with your chatbot, he can serve them information by the very clever way, so when the conversation is done, people are pretty much sold that you're credible, trustworthy company and that they should work with you.

What services do you offer?

  • social media marketing?
  • copywriting?
  • SEO?
  • email marketing?
  • website development?

Your chatbot will tell people about your services with details so people will immediately know what you can help them with.

Just let your chatbot sell and see the magic happens.


5. Make people believe that you are a credible company by showing them your TEAM.

This is another clever way to make people believe you in a second.

Let your chatbot show them your full team, with names and positions in your agency.

They won't be afraid to buy your services anymore.


6. Make your job easier and save yourself hours of your time by letting your chatbot answer all most common questions people ask.

  • What's your pricing?
  • Where is your office?
  • How can you help me?

The same questions over... and over... and over... and over.

Imagine saving yourself hours of your time by letting your chatbot answer them.

Your chatbot will answer questions anytime, 24/7.

Sounds good, right?

Be smart.


BONUS: 7. Make easy for people to schedule a meeting/skype call with you by letting them do it in your chatbot.

It's the easiest way to schedule a meeting in a couple of seconds.

People don't need to fill out forms or find your phone number and call you.

Remember the rule:

The easier thing is for people, the more people will do it.


A chatbot is a very valuable helper for your marketing agency.

It will also get you ahead of your competition that doesn't use it.

So don't wait too long, because you end up so behind.

Get a chatbot today.