Can a Chatbot grow Your business in 2018? 7 Critical points You need to know!

Chatbots. Maybe you've heard about them. Maybe you haven't. 

It's 2018, if nothing changes in your marketing strategy, your results will stay the same. Nothing will change.

You need a new marketing tool if you want to grow your business because everybody's doing the same things and you need to differentiate yourself.

The real questions are:

  • Should you pay attention?
  • Can a chatbot help your business grow in 2018?
  • Is chatbot a way to go? And if it is, why?

That's what I'm going to answer in the following seven critical points.

At the end of this article, you will be 100% clear if it's worth, to get a chatbot.


1. Almost everybody who uses messenger is willing to talk to a chatbot.

The TOP four messaging apps are bigger than the TOP four social networking sites.

It's estimated that by 2019, more than 27% of the world population will be using such apps and chatting with chatbots.

63% of people would start chatting with a chatbot to connect with a business or a brand.

What's the bottom line?

People want to reach out to businesses via chat. They prefer chat over any other messaging way. 


2. Give people what they want. They'll come to you!

Customers want recommendations from chatbots. 

Sometimes people don't know what they want to buy. They just go to your online store and get out because they haven't decided what they want. And you lost them forever. Don't let this happen!

A chatbot will find out exactly what people want by asking them a couple of quick questions. Then it will put all the products in front of their eyes. 

And your conversions will go UP!


The bottom line?

Chatbots are needed by customers almost everywhere.


3. Are you selling to the millennials?

If yes, a chatbot is a must-have!

Millennials like to compare products. They prefer chatting over phone calls.

If millennials are a part of your target audience, your decision to get a chatbot will be very smart!

Chatbots also offer an opportunity to create an interactive Facebook campaign. Everybody's doing static campaigns, be different. Make people play with your chatbot in your campaign. 


The bottom line?

Add new marketing tool to your marketing strategy. Make people excited and they'll become your customers.

ecommerce chatbot.png

4. A chatbot provides BETTER user experience than chatting with a human. 

Surprised? If a chatbot is set up properly, it's possible.

Because human-to-human exchanges are limited to text inputs. They're often open-ended conversations, creating a less guided experience for the user. 

On the other hand, chatbots respond immediately, and they can combine buttons and other visual cues along with supporting textual conversations to offer much richer interaction. A chatbot can also scale and apply its knowledge much faster and more consistently than a human.

Human agents need to be trained, they respond inconsistently and need to be motivated to care about the customer. Chatbots don't.

By using chatbots, businesses can gain competitive advantage faster than their competitors doing human-only chat.

But don't turn everything over to a chatbot.

It’s the sweet combination of people and machine that offers the best opportunity for creating competitive advantage.
chatbot experience.png


The bottom line?

Don't hire more people for support, get one chatbot.

Instead of employing more people to handle repetitive tasks, get a chatbot solution. You'll save a ton of money.

Are chatbots the death of call centers? If you want to find out, CLICK HERE.

5. A chatbot will scale up your operations.

Chatbots don't have limitations.

While humans can handle 2-3 conversations at a time, chatbots can operate without a limit.

If your business receives a lot of inquiries, a chatbot can take the load off your customer support team.

Chatbots will qualify if a user needs to talk to a human and then redirect him to a human agent.

Business Survey on Chatbots — by Chatbot Survey 2017

Business Survey on Chatbots — by Chatbot Survey 2017

The bottom line?

Chatbots can grow your business faster.

6. Every e-commerce business needs a chatbot. But why?

Shopping is evolving. And you need to evolve too.

Because your goal should be to be ahead, not behind, right?

If people don't like your brand, they will switch to another one in a second.

Chatbots are revolutionizing the online shopping experience. How?

  • A chatbot can give people discount codes and coupons.
  • A chatbot can up-sell and cross-sell.
  • A chatbot will accelerate the buying process.
  • A chatbot will sell much more of your products.
  • A chatbot will handle 90% of the customer support!
Courtesy: Chatbot Survey 2017

Courtesy: Chatbot Survey 2017

The bottom line?

E-commerce businesses can profit from chatbots the most.

If you want to know a lot more ways how a chatbot can help your e-commerce business make more money, READ THIS.

7. Do you have a retail store? Stop losing bored customers.

Imagine the situation. A couple comes to your clothing store. The woman will go around because she wants to see what's new, what can look the best on her, etc. What is the man doing during this time? He's looking on his smartphone, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, for the whole time (I'm a man, so I know this :).

What if you had a messenger code printed on your window?

The man would scan it -> a chatbot would open an interesting conversation with him -> maybe your chatbot would ask him if he's looking for something specific -> it would give him some recommendations and have a nice conversation with him.

Can you see the difference?

Don't let people waste time on social media. Let your chatbot to have a nice conversation with them, and you'll be surprised how many of them will turn out to be your new customers.

What's another benefit you have? You can do remarketing Facebook ads towards those people later. So they won't forget about you and buy again and again.


The bottom line?

Give people amazing experience in your retail store, something they never experienced, and they'll be yours.

retail chatbot.jpeg

So, what's the bottom line of the whole article? What's the answer to the big question?

I think you already know it, am I right?

If you want to grow your business in 2018, chatbot marketing is a way to go.

Because of a couple of final reasons:

a) You need to differentiate yourself to get a competitive advantage.

b) If you change nothing, nothing will change.

A messenger chatbot is no longer IF, but WHEN.

...and the sooner you take advantage, the more your business will grow.

So please, don't miss out on this huge opportunity.

Do you want to take advantage?