(Any) Service


(Any) Service

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Are you a service provider? Do you want to get new leads for your service business? This chatbot will deliver you lot of new leads that are looking for your service.

It takes care of:

  • lead-collection (you’ll get all the contact information you need)

  • providing a free quote

  • showing all your services

  • FAQ

  • explaining why people should buy from you and not a competitor

  • contact information

  • call-from-the-bot function

  • live chat

  • testimonials

  • your prices

  • website integration

  • info about your company/team/story

With this template you will get $400 worth of bonuses:

  1. A step-by-step guide - how to connect a chatbot to a FB ad in 2 minutes, so you can drive traffic to it ($200).

  2. 10 real-life chatbot FB ad examples ($100).

  3. 7 best ways to drive traffic to it, besides FB ads ($100).

Click on this link to TRY this chatbot: https://m.me/137381540404322

Think of it this way: ONE or TWO new clients for your service and you have your full investment BACK! Sounds good? I think that’s a pretty great deal. Buy before your competitor does.

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