I'm Patrik, an innovative entrepreneur helping companies all over the world get tons of leads and sell more products by using cutting-edge marketing strategies.


OUR Job at xbotzz is to get You ahead of your competition.

Nice to meet you :)

Nice to meet you :)

Our skills already made our clients all over the world millions of dollars.

By working with us, you’re getting six years of experience in selling-psychology, copywriting, and social media marketing. 

You can count on us. xBotzz have helped companies by developing them chatbots for over three years and we have developed more than 300 chatbots.

We are constantly looking for the most effective marketing strategies that can help you GROW your business. 

In case you're wondering where my clients are from.

In case you're wondering where my clients are from.


What’s my story?

You need to know with whom you are going to work. That’s why I’m going to tell you a little bit about me.

"Started from the bottom with no money." That was the first couple of years in business. Why? I jumped into the business world right after high school. I joined an MLM company, and it took me four years to realize that it sucked. I was broke for four years, and on the top of that, I needed to support my single mom. Since I had almost no money, I had to borrow a lot of money to help her.

I thought to myself, “Damn, this is not a way to go.” So I started learning about this marketing thing. I learned about Facebook, Google, about website optimization, and so on. And I started selling those services in my home country (Slovakia). It began generating a little bit of money, so I kept on doing it. Later on, this turned into a social media agency (YoUp Media) which is still alive helping businesses to scale.

You might be saying, “Oh, that’s nice, but where the hell are chatbots?” Great that you're asking. More than two years ago (2016), I accidentally found out about chatbots. And since my mentor Tai Lopez says, “..you need to catch trends before other people,” it caught my attention, and I started learning about bots. As I was learning, I began to develop basic chatbots as a freelancer.

The demand was high, and the supply was low. So I was getting more and more work every month! I was thinking, “Damn!” That was the moment when xBotzz started. The chatbot agency that focuses on helping business all over the world to get tons of leads and more sales 24/7 on an automated basis by taking advantage of chatbots - one of the greatest sales machines ever! This is because it doesn’t ask for a raise, it doesn’t complain, and it doesn’t need a vacation.

xBotzz is continuously growing, and the goal is to make it the best chatbot-developing company in the world.

Why? For one simple reason. By working with us, you’re not only getting an experienced chatbot partner. You’re also getting a copywriter that knows how to write persuasively. By combining those two forces, your chatbot will be so professional and so fired up, it will be your best salesman. Are you ready for it?



We are ready to help YOU grow.

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