I'm Patrik, an innovative entrepreneur from Europe helping companies all over the world sell more products/services by using cutting-edge marketing strategies.


My Job is to get You ahead of your competition and keep You there.

 Nice to meet you :)

Nice to meet you :)

My skills already made my clients all over the world millions of dollars.

I help companies with my social media marketing agency YoUp Media, which I created three years ago. I have five years of experience in selling psychology, copywriting and social media marketing. 

If you're asking what experience I have with chatbots, I'm developing them for over a year. I built more than 150 of them. I'm a chatbot instructor in a prestige chatbot online course.

I am constantly looking for the most effective marketing strategies that can help you GROW your business. 

 In case you're wondering where my clients are from.

In case you're wondering where my clients are from.


Where I'm from?



I'm located in Slovakia, Europe.

You can also reach me at: patrik@youpmedia.com

I'm ready to help YOU make more money and get ahead.

Let's stay in touch: