Let's look at how a solar company generated leads worth $2.4 million in 3 days

On Saturday, we launched a Facebook ad for our solar client and drove a whopping 96 high-quality leads to our client via this solar bot in under 72 hours. He spent just $196.39 in ads. With each customer worth between $2000 - $25000 - we've just generated up to $2.4 million in leads.

Let's meet this solar chatbot:

It's like having a full-time salesperson working around clock 24/7:

  • He educates buyers, and even lets people check if they're eligible.

  • He offers a solar calculator to allow people to see what they can save each year in electricity bills.

  • He captures quote requests and all the details we need to provide an accurate estimate, and even pre-qualifies "when" people want to go ahead so we can prioritise quotes successfully.

  • He answers frequently asked questions.

  • He lets people browse through the entire product range.

  • He even lets users book a site inspection

What has the client said?

"One of the biggest things our solar bot has allowed us to do is engage with our audience without the need for a verbal conversation. Previously, I had to talk to every single prospect to answer all the questions one by one so I was limited in how many jobs I could get. Most of the time I'd have to travel to their premises to do a site inspection, then travel back and put a quote together, and I'd have to spend 4-5 hours on each prospect without knowing when they might go ahead.

Now I can get prospect's details more quickly without speaking to them at all. I can size their system from my office without any travel, and get a quote to them in 15 minutes - quicker than anyone else does, which gives me a huge edge over my competition. I've done 25 quotes already this week that our bot generated, and I am visiting a client today that's an $8000 sale. It's amazing! I'm so excited about this technology and all the opportunities. I lay in bed thinking of all the possibilities."

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