5 BEST ways to increase your E-commerce sales with a chatbot, without spending more money on ads.

Sales. Sales. Sales. The biggest priority in an e-commerce world, right?

Are you always finding ways to increase your e-commerce sales? 

If you are, you don't wanna miss out on this big opportunity. For real!

You're about to find out how having a chatbot WILL help you sell more stuff.  

If you don’t have a chatbot for your e-commerce business, you hate money and you don’t want to be ahead of your competition.


1. A chatbot will sell your products better than your e-commerce store.


Let's compare 2 scenarios:

Scenario A) people will go to your e-commerce website for the first time. They don't know how to orient there, so they need to click on many pages there to get what they want. 

57% of customers QUIT shopping in-between, if their query is not resolved instantly.

Scenario B) people will start a conversation with a chatbot. A chatbot will tell them something about your e-commerce store. It will ask some quick questions to find out exactly what people are looking for. And then it suggests those products.


That's right. In the second one.

ecommerce chatbot.gif
A chatbot is your 24/7/365 salesman.
chatbot selling.png


2. Save yourself HOURS of your time and make your job a lot EASIER by letting your chatbot answer all most common questions from customers.

People don't want to call your business.

People don't want to send emails to your business.

People WANT to chat with your business!

chatbot and people.png
Whoever is closest to the customer WINS!

People don't want to wait for their answers.

A chatbot solves that issue. It works 24/7/365. Whenever someone has a question, your chatbot will answer immediately.


Please, stop losing customers. 

Get a chatbot and start selling more.

By 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be empowered by chatbots.

3. Get thousands of eyeballs on your e-commerce store by doing giveaways.

This is the quickest way to get TONS of people to your e-commerce store. Because people love giveaways.

Are you afraid that you'll lose money by giving away stuff for free?

Well, don't be :)

The ROI of giveaways is insanely POSITIVE! Why? 

You'll get thousands of people you can do retargeting ads towards. And they start buying. Your chatbot will talk to them a couple of times and they'll become your customers.

chatbots and ecommerce.png

4. Sell more by making people believe you in a couple of minutes.

When people come to your website for the first time, do they believe you or not? Not.

Because they never were there. 

On the other side, a chatbot will solve that problem and you don't have to do anything.

Your chatbot will tell people all the necessary information about your store:

  • your history
  • how many customers do you have
  • your testimonials
  • where are you from
  • your story

A couple of messages and people will believe you and they won't be afraid to buy from you, my friend.

chatbot money.jpeg

5. Make more money by selling to the same people over and over. Don't let people FORGET about you by broadcasting them news with the messenger.

People easily forget things.

Especially if you don't keep in touch with them.

If you keep in touch with your customers and potential customers, they won't forget about your e-commerce store.

Use a chatbot to send them news once at a time and they will buy again, again and again. Because they will know you well.

chatbot and customers.jpeg
80% of businesses already use or plan to use a chatbot by 2020.

And your business is going to be far behind!


Look, by not having a chatbot you're losing a huge amount of customers every single week. 

Come on. Get a chatbot and start selling more.

Do you want it?