6+2 Best ways car dealerships can sell more cars with a chatbot.

Cars. Many people use them every single day to make their life easier.

Do you sell cars? Do you have a car dealership?

If YES, you're about to find out how you can increase your sales WITH a chatbot.

The world is moving forward and if you won’t take advantage of this amazing opportunity, you’ll be so behind everybody.

Let's get into how a chatbot can help you:


1. Get more test-drive requests by letting people book them easily and quickly in your chatbot.


The easier you make things for people the more people are going to do them.

Imagine how much more test-drive requests would you get if you had a chatbot. 

It's much easier for people to exchange a couple of messages with your chatbot and book a test-drive than going to the website, finding a form and filling it. 

In your chatbot will people be able to book a test-drive in a couple of seconds.

Make it easier for people and you're be surprised by the results.

2. Sell more vehicles by showing them with details right in your chatbot.

Your chatbot is a very smart creature.

With a couple of questions, it can find out what type of car a person is looking for and show them exactly what they want. By this way, people will be more likely to book a test-drive.

  • A sedan? A minivan? A hybrid? A convertible? A compact?
  • Automatic/Manual transmission?
  • Petrol/Diesel?

People don't need to the website, but just answer a couple of questions, click a couple of buttons and their results will show up in the messenger

Your customers will LOVE it!

3. Make people buy a vehicle from you instead of your competitor by giving them a car manual in your chatbot, instead of a huge book.

“How do I turn on my rear defroster?”

“What type of fuel does this car need?”

These are the kinds of questions that can send new car owners diving into glovebox for the car manual.

Or, they simply click a couple of buttons in your chatbot and find the answer in a second.

What is easier and faster for people?

Ask Mercedes covers about 100 of the most commonly-asked questions about the use of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle

Having this benefit will get you so ahead of your competition! 

4. Make your job easier by letting your chatbot answer all most frequent questions about your company/vehicles.

Are you getting a lot of questions about vehicles, pricing, location, warranties and so on?

Imagine if you won't need to answer them anymore.

Your chatbot will answer every common question 24/7, anytime and immediately!


By doing this you're going to have more test-drive bookings and you'll sell more cars!

5. Let people compare vehicles in your chatbot. This way they'll be more inclined to buy a car from you because you're helping them decide.

One brand VS another brand.

One type of vehicle VS another type.

Petrol VS diesel.

The more you'll help people decide the more inclined they will be to buy from you. They won't be looking anywhere else because they found all the help in you.

And your chatbot can do this for you. Anytime. 24/7/365.

It's a HUGE support for your company.


6. Make people buy from you OVER and OVER. By sending them news so they won't forget about you.

New cars?

New policies?

New brands?

New options?

From time to time it's good to let people know what's going on with you and what's new.

Your chatbot will be sending all those messages to people.

They will be glad that you're informing them and also when they will need a new car, who will they go to? What do you think?

YES, to YOU!


BONUS: 7. Close more customers by giving them 24/7/365 Assistance in a chatbot if they would have any problems with a car. 

Your customer will love you because of that. For a couple of reasons:

  • ACCESSIBILITY - Your chatbot is available non-stop, anytime on their smartphone. They don't need to spend hours by finding business cards or some other materials.
  • SPEED - People will get their information what they need to do in a couple of seconds.
  • SIMPLICITY - They will get their answers by clicking a couple of buttons.

Now tell me, please.


If you take advantage of that, you'll convert much more people into your customers, because your competition doesn't have that.


BONUS: 8. Let people schedule a maintenance service in your chatbot. They'll come to you more often and they'll bring friends.

If you offer also a car maintenance services to people, this is for you.

Instead of going to your website to fill out a form...

Instead of finding your phone number and calling you...

People are going to click a couple of buttons in your chatbot and schedule a maintenance service in a couple of seconds.

You're saving them a lot of time. That's why they'll come to you more often, they'll recommend you to their friends. And at the end, you'll make more money.


If you have something unique (like a chatbot) your customers will tell their friends about it because they love it and they've never seen this kind of service.


So, if you want to get your company ahead, now's the time.

The more you're going to wait, the less time you're going to have the advantage.

Get a chatbot TODAY.