10+1 New ways ANY doctor can get more patients with a chatbot.

Are you a doctor? 

A dentist. A dermatologist. A gynecologist. A pediatrician. A physiologist. A plastic surgeon. A psychiatrist. This is for ANY TYPE of a doctor.

If you are a doctor and you're trying to find new patients for you, this opportunity is perfect for you.

You're about to find out HOW you can get many new patients with a chatbot. 

1. Get more patients by giving away a free consultation in your chatbot.

People love free stuff!

If you give them a free consultation about their health problems, there's a very big chance that they will be your patients.

Your chatbot will take care of it, so you don't even have to tell them about it.

2. Make people schedule their appointments easily in your chatbot. They'll come to you more often.

It's so simple and fast for people.

They don't need to find your phone number.

They don't need to fill out a form on your website.

They just click on a couple of buttons and in a couple of seconds they'll schedule an appointment and you get immediate notification about it.

People will LOVE you for that and they're going to recommend you to their friends.


3. Make your job a lot easier by letting your chatbot answer all most common question people ask.

"I need directions to your office."

"What are your business hours?"

"What's a number to your office?"

Do not waste your time by answering those questions!

Simply put all of them into your chatbot and it will take care of it.

Imagine how much time you're going to save. A LOT!

4. Don't let people forget you! Follow up with them when they don't finish a sequence in your chatbot.

This is a brilliant benefit you can use to your advantage.

When people don't finish talking to your chatbot, you don't need to let it be like that.

Your chatbot will send them a follow-up message that will make them finish a sequence.

When they finish a sequence, you'll have their contact information or they'll schedule a free consultation for you.


5. Don't make people forget their appointments. Send them a reminder messages.

This is a big help for you. 

You don't need to tell your assistant to call people. They can even forget the phone call. 

You don't need to send them reminder emails.

Because your chatbot will send them reminder message when you want it to (e.g. every week, or a couple of days before, or the day before...).

This message will be always in their messenger when they open it. They won't forget about you


6. Make people trust you in a couple of seconds. They won't be afraid to visit you.

How to do it? 

Tell them about yourself in the chatbot. E.g. your bio, your history, how many patients do you have, how exactly you can help them.

Your chatbot will send this information step by step. So when the will be over, people won't be afraid to visit you or to schedule an appointment.

Because they will believe that you are a professional that can help them with their problems.

If you have more colleagues, your chatbot will tell people about all of them.

7. Make people trust you even more by showing them your testimonials in your chatbot.

  • Testimonials
  • Video testimonials
  • Success stories of your patients

These are HUGE trust builders.

You need to use them in your chatbot if you want more patients.

Your chatbot will show your testimonials to everybody and that will make people believe you instantly.

Get ready for new patients, because your chatbot will bring them to you :)


8. Get more reviews by asking for them in your chatbot.

Show your new chatbot to your existing customers.

They'll schedule an appointment with your chatbot.

And after a couple of days, your chatbot will send them a message about how was their experience.

WOOOW! An automatic system for collecting reviews for you.

You need those reviews to get more patients.


You better use it to your advantage before your competitor finds out about it. 

It's a HUGE advantage!

9. Make easy for people to find your office. Show them the directions in Google Maps.

Imagine a situation:

Someone new schedules an appointment in your office.

The day comes. But they don't know where to go.

They need to make a phone call and then type your location into Google Maps. Or they need to go to your website and type your location into Google Maps.

OR it can be much easier and quicker.

They'll open a messenger, type one question and your bot will send them a link to Google Maps with your location, so they don't need to do basically anything. 

People love simple things where they don't need to do much, remember that.


10. Make people remember you forever by broadcasting them news once at a time.

This is very important to you. Why?

Because if you want people to come to you over and over, they must not forget about you.

If you want people to recommend you to their friends, they need to remember you.

HOW you're going to achieve that?

Your chatbot will send them an informational message once at a time.

For example with your news, or new services, or new ways you can help them.

BONUS: 11. Get more patients by giving them a medical assistant in your chatbot.

By having this benefit you would be so AHEAD of everyone else in your industry.


Imagine a situation:

A person has a simple problem, so they don't want to call you.

  1. They will simply go to your chatbot ->
  2. type what their problem is ->
  3. what are their symptoms  ->
  4. and your chatbot will tell them what to do to solve it.

If it's something more serious, the chatbot will give them also an option to call you immediately.


Just imagine how huge competitive advantage that is. 

A personal assistant in the smartphone. Available 24/7/365. 


Do you want to get ahead?

Do you want more patients?

You need a chatbot.

This is your opportunity.