5 TOP ways Restaurants can attract more Customers and make more Money by using a Chatbot.

Do you own a restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop

If you do, you're probably always looking for some new ways to attract more customers.

If that's you, you need to read this article.

Because you're about to find out how a chatbot can attract more customers and make you more money.

Let's jump into it.


1. Attract more customers by giving them a free birthday cake (or anything else) on their birthday.

Your smart chatbot will find out when people have a birthday and when the day comes, it will send them a message and invite them to your restaurant so they can get their free birthday cake.


Smart idea, right? Think about it.

Do you think people will come only by themselves? NO. They will bring friends.

Do you think people will come only for this cake? NO. They and their friends will order many other things.

Do you see the value? You better do this ASAP before your competitor figures this out.


2. Make people buy MORE by letting the bot show your food/drink menu. A chatbot will make you more money, because it can UPSELL, printed menu can't upsell.

It works like that:

1. People will scan your messenger code. That will connect them straight to your chatbot.


2. Your new chatbot will figure out exactly what people want to eat, by asking them a couple of questions.

3. Then your chatbot will upsell them drinks or other items related to what they want to eat.

4. If you want to take it to another level, make people pay right in the messenger

By this way, people won't spend a long time deciding what they want to eat, they will buy more items, and you didn't have to do anything because your chatbot took care of it.



People scan your messenger code →  Your chatbot will show them your menu →  They will pick exactly what they want →  Your chatbot will upsell them more items →  They will pay you right in the messenger.


3. Get more customers into your restaurant by letting them make reservations through your chatbot.

What do you think it's the easiest option for people?

- finding your website and filling out forms on the internet?

- finding the phone number and calling?

- doing a couple of click in the messenger?


People want to talk with chatbots more than ever. In a recent report, almost 50% of people would choose to chat with a chatbot over typing a number and calling. And this number is growing and growing.

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with businesses without interacting with a human.

Let people make a reservation with a couple of clicks in messenger.


4. Attract more customers to your restaurant by doing giveaways.

People love giveaways.

And you can totally use it to your advantage.

If you want to attract more customers, one of the best things to give away is a COUPON for a free dinner for example.


By doing this, you can collect many messenger subscribers to your chatbot and then you pick a couple of them and you'll give them a coupon for a free dinner/cheesecake/burger (or anything else).

The ROI is always on your side. The ROI is insanely positive. 

Because if people win, they'll bring their friends to your restaurant. They will also tell their friends about your restaurant.

So you will make a lot more money than this giveaway will cost you.


5. Get more messenger subscribers by offering a free WiFi if people scan your messenger code.

This is another creative way to get more subscribers.

People come to your restaurant and if they want a free WiFi, they need to scan your messenger code.

They scan the code and your chatbot will give them a password so they can connect to the WiFi.


Those were only 5 best ways to attract more customers to your restaurant.

But the possibilities are endless.


Do you want to get ahead of your competition?

Do you want to get attract more customers to your restaurant/bar/coffee shop?